Customer History

Our customer is a commercial door manufacturer who specializes in rapid opening and closing overhead doors. As a majority of their doors used steel and aluminum as their primary structural components and their production facility was geared for metal fabrication, the conversion to an alternative construction material was difficult.

In 2002, the company contacted Advanced Fiber Products (AFP) engineers looking for a material that would perform better in cold storage applications. After several discussions with our engineers, they quickly realized the benefits of fiberglass. This marked the beginning of a longstanding partnership.

The customer’s doors found application in industrial and commercial cold storage environments, which necessitated product materials that could withstand corrosion, high-speed impact, and cold temperatures. Additionally, as the doors were intended for rapid open and closing use, the material needed to be lightweight and strong.

AFP engineers used component drawings provided by the customer to create products that met the challenging demands of their applications. Using a CNC router, we fabricated frames as per the customer’s initial request. Currently, we are producing eight different profiles for them.

Product Description

Fiberglass door frame

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Fiberglass pultrusions and fabrication

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Pultruder, CNC-controlled router

Overall Part Dimensions

Width 2 -10″
Height .75-8″
Wall Thickness .08-.25″

Tightest Tolerances



High strength, low thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, lightweight, and impact resistance

Material Used



Smooth surface, pigmented to customer’s specified colors

In process testing performed

Full dimensional inspection and finish quality.

Estimated Part Weight

.75-5 lbs./ft.

Industry for Use

Industrial, commercial and cold storage environments

Delivery Location


Standards Met

Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

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