Customer History

Our customer is a manufacturer of railroad crossing warning protection materials. Typically, railroad crossing gates are constructed using steel, wood, or aluminum. However, in high wind and hurricane-prone areas, they are often damaged and need frequent replacement. The superior material strength and elasticity offered by fiberglass make it the preferred material for products intended for use in these extreme environments.

At Advanced Fiber Products (AFP), our team has provided the customer with this alternative material for their products since 1992. We supply rectangular tubing that can withstand the application’s harsh UV demands and meet the customer’s requirements for strength, flexibility, and impact resistance. Our fabrication department utilizes a 23-inch, four-axis CNC router to produce fiberglass products that are ready for assembly.

As the customer’s products are critical to safe railroad crossing operations, when a natural disaster disables railroad crossing warning protection, they need to be able to respond quickly. Our quick response times facilitate their success. To offer them the shortest lead times possible, we maintain an inventory of their product for immediate shipment.

Product Description

Product Description

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Fiberglass pultrusions

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Pultruder, 23″ 4-axis CNC-controlled router

Overall Part Dimensions

Width 2″
Height 5″
Wall Thickness .125″

Tightest Tolerances



High strength, elasticity and impact resistance

Material Used



Smooth surface and UV resistance

In process testing performed

Full dimensional inspection and finish quality.

Estimated Part Weight

1.25 lbs./ft.

Industry for Use

Railroad crossing warning protection

Delivery Location


Standards Met

Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing

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